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Azim Ross, LPC, LCPC


Community development through helping individuals, families, and teams to achieve is the hallmark of Mr. Ross’ career. Serving others began while in high school for Mr. Ross, where the concept of being a ‘Man for Others’ was instilled at Gonzaga College High school.  Mr. Ross earned his Bachelors degree in Biopsychology from Wagner College, where his exposure to the multiple factors that distract people from their natural abilities and achieving their greatest potential, illuminated his sense of awareness of the vast needs of the communities he served. Thereafter, he earned his Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Trinity University, Washington, DC.

Mr. Ross has helped others develop life skills and facilitated groups within the Washington, DC Metropolitan area since 2005. His work within the Psychiatric Rehabilitation program communities furthered his passion in systematically enabling people to make small steps toward achieving their goals. Knowing that many small steps forward is the catalyst for long lasting success toward any vision. This is where Mr. Ross’ talents are best utilized for the most positive impact, helping each individual client identify their strengths toward achieving their fullest potential. Mr. Ross believes the key to success in any therapeutic relationship is applying the mechanisms of the mind, heart, and spirit to walk with others toward changing behaviors, thoughts, and actions. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, Mr. Ross’ level of impact provides services that teach skills to help individuals, families, and teams engage in work that surpass the expectations of all stakeholders. With his gifts, Mr. Ross journey’s to empower others through matters within their lives; helping them realize that many of their solutions already exist within.