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Considering Couples Therapy? Here’s What You Can Expect

Oct 02, 2023

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Considering Couples Therapy? Here’s What You Can Expect

All relationships require work. Just like maintaining and caring for a car, you need to stay on top of any relationship issues to ensure that it stays in working order. This is especially true for romantic relationships. 

While it’s possible to do basic maintenance within the relationship itself, oftentimes larger issues that need repair need the assistance of a licensed professional. That’s where couples therapy comes in.

At The Modalities Group located in Bowie, Maryland, our team offers couples therapy to strengthen your relationship with your partner and help you work through any issues you’re having.

In this blog, we review what to expect if you decide to see us for couples therapy.

What can you talk about in couples therapy?

Couples therapy is a great place to openly discuss and resolve issues you might be experiencing in many aspects of your relationship. 

You might discuss any of the following issues:

  • Relationship roles: Couples therapy can help to examine the role you each play in your relationship and identify any unhealthy dynamics and expectations.
  • Finances: Finances are a huge stressor in relationships. We can help promote an open and productive discussion about incomes and spending habits.
  • Physical intimacy: We can help you discuss any issues you’re having with sex, intimacy, or infidelity and encourage a healthy dialogue on feelings and needs surrounding physical intimacy.
  • Health issues: Any physical or mental health struggle can put enormous stress on couples. Couples therapy can help you work through those struggles together.
  • Quality time together: Time together is vital for the health of your relationship. We can take a closer look at what’s been getting in the way of the two of you spending intentional time together and how to remedy it.
  • Children: Couples therapy can help you have productive discussions on expectations surrounding when or if you want to have children and how to raise them.

In addition, we can help work through any external stressors that are putting strain on your relationship such as workplace stress or extended familial dynamics.

Working through all these things can help you better understand one another, identify unhealthy dynamics, improve your communication and conflict resolution skills, and strengthen your bond. 

What happens during couples therapy?

When you first start couples therapy, we spend some time getting to know you and your partner. This helps our team not only understand each of you and your goals but also ensure both of you are on the same page before diving into therapy.

We also work on identifying feelings and putting them into words to help you better understand your partner and where they’re coming from. Exploring each other’s pasts can help you come to a better understanding of each other as well.

Developing listening, conflict resolution, and communication skills are also integral parts of couples therapy. 

Is couples therapy right for you?

Studies tell us that 97% of couples who go through couples therapy felt that it was beneficial for their relationship. Additionally, 93% said they got the proper tools they needed to resolve conflict effectively.

So, no matter what stage your relationship is in, couples therapy could be beneficial for you. To schedule an appointment with our licensed therapists, contact our team by giving us a call at 240-599-3500 or by using our online booking tool today.